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Wednesday, 5 October 1910
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Senator PEARCE (Western AustraliaMinister of Defence) . - The work to which Senator Chataway has referred has been in progress for some time past, and has reached such a stage that it will soon be possible to systematize the results and to furnish a complete report. I have before me, ready to be laid upon the table of the Senate, a report of the work of the Endeavour in Southern Queensland and in

New South Wales. A note by Mr. Lockyer is appended to the document in which he says. -

I forward' herewith, by direction of the Minister, to be laid on the table of the Senate, copy of a report of the 27th cruise of the fishing investigation ship Endeavour in southern Queensland and northern New South Wales waters. It is desired that this and subsequent preliminary reports of the work of the Endeavour shall not be printed in the present form., as it is intended to submit for publication later on a full report dealing with the number of cruises conjointly.

It is intended that the report to be prepared shall deal with the whole of the investigations made by the Endeavour during a series of twenty-nine cruises. Two more of those cruises have to be made,, and two more progress reports will be received, before the general report is prepared. That is the proper way in which such reports should be dealt with. Obviously, the material and the results gathered as a consequence of each of these cruises are not of much value in themselves. It is only when the Endeavour has extended her operations over a considerable area, and when Mr. Dannevig,. and the Customs officers appointed to cooperate with him, are able to prepare reports, and bring them into some sequence, that the information collected will be of great value. At the present time, Mr. Dannevig is co-operating with scientific experts at the universities in regard to the kinds of fish obtained. Information is being tabulated as to points at which the fish have been caught, with the view of locating them for the benefit of fishermen; and also to indicate where they are to be found at different seasons. When the results of the twenty-nine cruises are put together, it will be found that valuable information has been obtained for the use of capitalists and others who may desire to put money into a trawling enterprise. It will be scientific information of a reliable character as to where certain fish are to be found, the seasons of the year when they are in the waters indicated, and the kind of bottom upon which the trawler will have to operate. The Customs officer now on duty here is co-operating with Mr. Dannevig in this work; and, as I have said, the scientific authorities at the various universities are being consulted in order that the information obtained may be presented in the most useful form.

Senator Lt Colonel Sir Albert Gould - How much longer will the work take?

Senator PEARCE - The work of tabulation is going on ; but two more cruises have to be completed, at the end of which work the report will soon be ready for the printer.

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