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Friday, 30 September 1910
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Senator VARDON (South Australia) - - I do not understand the meaning of the term " engaged by the nin."

Senator Guthrie - It means for one trip ; for instance, from here to Adelaide.

Senator VARDON - Does it mean that a certain sum of money is paid, no matter how long the voyage takes?

Senator Guthrie - Yes ; a lump sum for the voyage.

Senator VARDON - Is that always the case, or is a seaman sometimes paid "a certain amount every week during trie run?

Senator Guthrie - No; always a lump sum.

Senator VARDON - If a lump sum is paid for the run there is a good deal of force in Senator Guthrie's contention, but if so much per week were paid during the run, there would not, of course, be so much in it.

Senator Turley - The seaman gets so much for the job, whether it takes a week or a month.

Senator VARDON - If that be so, I think the contention of Senator Guthrie may be regarded as a very reasonable one.

Progress reported.

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