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Friday, 30 September 1910
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Senator CHATAWAY (Queensland) . - I do not think that Senator Guthrie is as serious over this matter as his language would lead us to believe, otherwise he would have moved an amendment. He has referred to the latter portion of the clause, which provides that proof that any seaman who has not exerted himself to the. utmost to save his ship in case of "wreck" or "loss" shall bar his claim to wages. Now, if honorable senators will turn to Chambers' Dictionary, which I regard as a better authority than is the book which was quoted by Senator Guthrie-

Senator Guthrie - It is impossible to get anything better than Lloyds.

Senator CHATAWAY - I have never before heard that Lloyds is an etymologist. I have always understood that it is a company that gambles in insurances. In Chambers' Dictionary "wreck" is denned as meaning " shipwrecked property," and "loss" as "destruction, defeat - that which is lost." If Chambers be an authority on the subject, it is clear that a "wreck," or "loss," means that, for all practical purposes, a vessel has disappeared. She may possibly have been abandoned to the underwriters.

Senator Millen - Work has ceased upon her, otherwise the agreement of the seamen would hold good.

Senator CHATAWAY - The second portion of the clause reads -

But in all cases of wreck or loss of a ship, proof that any seaman has not exerted himself to the utmost to save the ship, cargo, stores, and equipment shall bar his claim to wages.

If it were necessary to meet Senator Guthrie's view that the expressions "wreck" and "loss" do not necessarily refer to a past event, that object might t be attained by altering the word "has" to " had." May I suggest to the Minister in charge of the Bill, that, in addition to a seaman exerting himself to save the ship, cargo, stores, and equipment, he ought also to exert himself to the utmost to save human life.

Senator Lynch - That is everybody's duty.

Senator CHATAWAY - I move-

That after the word " ship," line 12, the words "human life" be inserted.

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