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Friday, 30 September 1910
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Senator GUTHRIE (South Australia) . - I shall have no objection to accept the amendment if the Minister will allow me, at a later stage, to insert the provision of the New South Wales Act under which no man can be transferred from one ship to another inside of twenty-four hours, thus leaving him time to give his legal notice to leave if he objects to the transfer. The Hunter River Company run the steamers Newcastle and Namoi between Sydney and Newcastle, and if they wish to transfer a man from the Newcastle to the Namoi they are unable to do so without giving him sufficient time to put in his notice to leave.

Senator Turley - But the custom is to accept the notice even a day before the ship gets into port.

Senator GUTHRIE - No; that is not the custom. It is stipulated in the Act that the notice must be given and received in port, and notice cannot be given on a Saturday, and very properly so, because if it were a master might not be able to procure men in time. I shall let the amendment go, but will deal with the matter later by proposing the insertion of the provision in the New South Wales Act to which I have referred.

Amendment agreed to.

Amendment (by Senator Pearce) agreed to -

That the following words be added to the clause : - " In the case of Australian-trade ships the agreement shall notwithstanding anything in this Act be made with the master."

Clause, as amended, agreed to-.

Clauses 50 and 51 agreed to.

Clause 52 -

The master of every foreign-going ship shall, within forty-eight hours after arrival in any port of destination or upon the discharge of his crew, whichever first happens, deliver the agreement to the superintendent.

Penalty : Fifty pounds.

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