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Friday, 30 September 1910
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Senator GUTHRIE (South Australia) . - I do not think the Minister can fully realize the extent of .the trade within the limits of a State. His amendment proposes that in connexion with that trade the agreement may be made with the owner or master. If it were made with the owner a man might be transferred from one ship to another. I refer the honorable senator to the conditions operating in Western Australia. A ship may be trading between Fremantle and Albany, and another vessel be longing to the same owner may be trading between Geraldton and Wyndham. Under the amendment a man employed on a ship trading between Fremantle and Albany who might be living at Fremantle, and would be able to get to his home every week, might be transferred to the vessel trading between Geraldton and Wyndham, which would take him away from his home altogether. The same thing could happen in the Queensland trade. The Australian United Steam-ship Navigation Company run a number of boats from Brisbane to the north. A man serving on a vessel at Brisbane might be transferred to a drogher in one of the rivers in the north.

Senator Henderson - If he signs art agreement with the owners containing a clause under which that could be done, he would know what he might expect.

Senator GUTHRIE - I want to prevent such agreements. I admit that this provision is to be found in the Merchant Shipping Act, but the conditions in theshipping trade of Great Britain are very different from the conditions in Australia. For instance, a company may have halfadozen boats running between Liverpool and the Isle of Man, and it is very often convenient for them to transfer their men from one of their ships to another. But, in that case, the vessels make a trip that takes only about eight hours. The samething occurs between Glasgow and Belfast, between Dover and Calais, and between other ports. The conditions on the Australian coast are very different. A company may have a vessel trading between: Port Adelaide and Port Pirie. It may be found that- trade is to be had between Port Pirie and some other port, and a manwhose home is in Adelaide may find himself transferred to a vessel that is tradingaway from Adelaide all the time. It is easy to see that if a man makes an agreement under which he is employed in oneship engaged in a particular trade, it may be a very great injustice for him to be transferred to another ship engaged in adifferent trade.

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