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Friday, 3 July 1903

Senator STYLES (Victoria) -I shall support the amendment proposed by Senator Symon, provided the words suggested by Senator Higgs be added.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - But my amendment must be dealt with first, and the honorable senator can finally vote against the clause.

Senator STYLES - I wish to make my position quite clear. When the Electoral Bill was before us I objected to give any coloured man a vote. The coloured races know nothing of our laws and care less ; if they do try to make themselves acquainted with our laws it is usually for the purpose of evading them. If the Chinese have votes they exercise a privilege to which in my opinion they have no right. I cannot see that any insult could possibly be. given to the States Governments by excluding them. It might just as well be said that we insulted a State Government every time we differed from it. Most of the naturalization laws of the various States are pretty ancient, and the chances are that, if they came under review now, they would be considerably altered.

Senator Sir Josiah Symon - The South Australian naturalization law was revised in 1893.

Senator STYLES - But Australia is a progressive country, and much may happen in ten years. I notice that the naturalization law of the. United Kingdom is 33 years old, and it is probable that any amendments now made would be in a liberal or democratic direction. I shall vote against Senator Symon's amendment unless I feel sure that the words suggested by Senator Higgs added.

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