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Tuesday, 8 November 1977
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Mr Scholes asked the Minister for Transport, upon notice, on 28 April 1 977:

(   1 ) What is the net cost per annum to public revenue of maintaining the necessary facilities for commercial air transport for the carriage of passengers and freight in each State and Territory.

(2)   There are no significant taxes or charges which are levied in the Australian Capital Territory and not in the States.

(3)   State, local and territory taxation, (taxes, regulatory fees and fines) per head of mean population in 1 975-76:


Note: these figures relate to State and local and Australian Capital Territory taxation only. Commonwealth taxes levied generally throughout Australia amounted to $1244.61 per head of mean population in 1975-76.

Information is available on Commonwealth taxation collections by State of collection. This information does not represent the incidence of taxation on the residents of each State or territory. For example very small amounts of customs duties, excise duties and sales tax are recorded as collected in the Australian Capital Territory and company tax is usually collected in the State where the head office is located. The income tax on individuals collected in a particular State or territory does not necessarily relate to the residents of the State or territory. Also, for administrative reasons, some taxes may be recorded as collected in a single State or in the Australian Capital Territory.


(2)   What net payments per annum are made from public moneys in respect of other forms of transport, e.g., railways, for the carriage of passengers and freight

(3)   How many passengers and how much freight is carried by each of these forms oftransport.

Mr Nixon (GIPPSLAND, VICTORIA) (Minister for Transport) - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   The cost figures quoted in the following answers are those made by the Commonwealth for 1976-77 and do not include any payments made by the State or local governments.



(2)   Sea

The Commonwealth contributed $2m as an operating subsidy to the Empress of Australia in 1976-77. Payments totalling $16.409m were made under the Tasmanian freight equalisation scheme for 1976-77.


Payments totalling $433.788m were made to the States under the National Roads Act 1 974 and the Road Grants Act 1 974 (as amended by the Roads Acts Amendment Act (No. 2) 1 976 and the Roads Acts Amendment Act 1 977. Details of the payments are as follows:



The total sums drawn by the Australian National Railways Commission to meet book losses in 1975-76 and 1976-77 were $58. 5m and $46.7m respectively. The amounts of these drawings resulting from losses in passenger and freight operations cannot be quantified.


The latest available traffic figures for air transport services are for the 12 months ending 31 December 1976 and they include some estimates for the last six months of 1 976. This information is not readily available on a State or Territory basis.



Passengers. The Empress of Australia carried 1 1 1 ,622 passengers between the mainland and Tasmania in 1976-77.

Freight. This information is not readily available.


Information is not available. Rail


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