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Thursday, 10 March 1977
Page: 165

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Armitage (CHIFLEY, NEW SOUTH WALES) -I will rule on the point of order, if you do not mind. I ask the honourable member to restrict his remarks to the area in which he maintains he has been misrepresented. The honourable member shall not introduce new material and shall not debate the matter but shall stick strictly to where he has been misrepresented.

Mr BAUME -With the utmost respect, Mr Deputy Speaker, I thought that I had established by my heavy assertion of particular words the words actually used by the Leader of the Opposition against me. I quoted those words.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - I am trying to help the honourable member to proceed. I suggest that he proceed before time runs out.

Mr BAUME - The words are offensive to me and I have stressed that those words are offensive to me and are untrue. That is the point of everything I have said so far, Sir. If I may, I will continue to stress that the words stated are untrue. My position, despite what the Leader of the Op- position has said, is not changed by anything that as been asserted in the report of Mr Masterman, who clearly stated that my contact with Patrick Partners in the last 5 months of its existence was 'minimal'- a statement that the Leader of the Opposition strangely omitted from his lengthy quotations from the report. I repeat that the statements by the Leader of the Opposition are untrue. I repeat that I have never been, despite his assertions, a part owner of Patrick Partners. At no stage was I ever entitled to any share of its assets and I was never liable for its debts. There were the specific terms under which I joined that firm and they remained such until I left it.

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