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Wednesday, 9 March 1977

Mr WENTWORTH (Mackellar) -I give notice that on general business Thursday No. 5, 1 shall move:

That, in the opinion of this House, it would facilitate the raising of money for the Government's capital works program if bonds and annuities were to be on sale subject to the following conditions:

1.   The securities should be fully indexed in accordance with movements in the consumer price index;

2.   The securities should be available only to enrolled Australian citizens;

3.   The securities should be non-transferable bonds to mature only on the death of the purchaser and annuities to be for the life of the purchaser or jointly for the lives of the purchaser and spouse;

4.   The amounts of these indexed securities held by any one person should be limited.

And that the House is further of the opinion that, if properly handled, the issue of set securities would assist in the reduction of general interest rates.

I further give notice that on general business Thursday No. 1 -

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