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Thursday, 17 February 1977

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -I take the view that if the word 'hypocrisy' was used personally against the Minister -

Mr UREN - Mr Deputy Speaker,if you read Hansard you will see what I said. I said: It is hyprocrisy on the part of the Government.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! I have not finished making my point. If the Deputy Leader the Opposition referred to the Minister as being hypocritic he should withdraw the word. If the word was used generally the forms of the House do not insist on its withdrawal. My memory is not capable of recalling the way in which the word was used.

Mr UREN - Mr Deputy Speaker,I have been in this House many years. I am not a personal man; I am a policy man. The Minister is just a small cog in the wheel. He carries out instructions of the Cabinet. I used the term that it was a government of hypocrisy. That is what it is. Quite clearly the Cabinet- that is the Governmenthas given the instructions. I quote again:

(1)   capital funds for the construction and purchase of dwellings by State housing authorities should not be at subsidised interest rates.

So the Minister understands the situation let me make it clear that 70 per cent of the money allocated under the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement goes to the State housing commissions and 85 per cent of the dwellings constructed are made available for rental housing. In effect, 85 per cent of houses constructed under the Commonwealth-State Housing Agreement are available to the poor and needy. This means that the subsidy of 6.5 per cent will cease. What the Minister's proposal means is that the interest rate in future will be at the long term bond rate. This means only one thing: An increase in the rents of those people living in housing commission dwellings. The people of Western Australia should be well aware of the hypocrisy of the Government of the day. The people should understand the real spirit of co-operation between the Liberal Premier in Western Australia, Sir Charles Court, and the Fraser Government. Let me now quote from the Minister's statement. I wish that the bureaucrats in the Department had checked his statement before he came into the House. Page 2 of the statement reads:

Let me make it clear that it is the States' prerogative to consider whether rents should rise and if they do, in what manner they should rise.

Let us now turn to page 3 of his statement. He says: .

The Commonwealth and State Ministers are now working towards how the guidelines might be implemented.

He said 'we'. By that he means the Australian Government. He has been given bis instructions and guidelines. As a Minister he cannot go outside those guidelines without reference to Cabinet.

Mr Newman - I take a point of order, Mr Speaker. This whole issue has arisen out of a deliberate attempt by the Opposition to distort the situation.

Mr Scholes - On the point of order, Mr Speaker -

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