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Wednesday, 16 February 1977
Page: 151

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member for Denison has said that today a certain event took place. Might I say that up to this moment I think the honourable member has sufficiently covered matters which are outside the Bill and it might be an idea if he gave some thought to what is set out in the Bill.

Mr HODGMAN -Mr Deputy Speaker,I am obliged to you for your advice because I was about to make the point that the Officer in

Charge of Air Cadets in Tasmania will now be dealing with the Air Force Office which is the title that is now defined as a result of this Bill coming before the Parliament and not the very confusing name 'Air Office'. If I might say so- and the Minister made the comment in Yos opening remarks in introducing this legislationthere was considerable confusion in minds of members of the public when they were dealing with the Air Office as to whether they were dealing with the RAAF or with the old department of civil aviation. I will not speak any further except to say that when the Parliament passes legislation in effect to give recognition to important segments of the RAAF I hope we will follow up the passage of that legislation with a realistic application of personnel because there is not much point in putting something into the statutes and redefining the names of various organisations if we do not have the personnel to fill those offices. There is not much point legislating by an Act of Parliament to change the name from Air Office to Air Force Office and there is not much point in amending all these other sections of the Act unless we have the staff and the personnel to serve in those offices. I think the 20 permanent officers and crew for the RAAF for Tasmania is, with respect, a bit on the light side. I would hope that the Minister for whom I have a great admiration and respect will ensure that the Royal Tasmanian Air Force, if I might for the purposes of this debate name it such, is not further reduced because it is now down to 20 with an occasional visit by a DC3. 1 seriously commend to the Minister a flight of Orions as directed by the Air Force Office for proper surveillance of Tasmania and upgrading in the number of staff and personnel. The Bill has my complete support.

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