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Wednesday, 8 December 1976

*PERU: Three types of card: (i) military for men and women over eighteen years of age. (ii) electoraloriginally used only for electoral purposes but now used as a general identification card. Has to be carried at all times. (iii) taxation card

*PHILIPPINES: A number of identification cards: (i) Voters' ID card; (ii) Students ID card for those that are not old enough to vote; and (iii) ID card for those that do not possess citizenship.

*POLAND: Compulsory. Similar to a passport in that it is used for travel within East European countries.

*PORTUGAL: Used for general identification purposes. It does not have to be carried at all times. Requires a fingerprint and a photograph.

*ROMANIA: Must be carried at all times. Contains all personal details plus a number.

*RUSSIA: Used as an internal passport.

*SINGAPORE: Each citizen has an identification card for official reference purposes. Has the same number as that on a person 's passport.

*SOUTH AFRICA: Required to be carried at all times. Different cards are issued to identify the different racial groupings and to control the movements of non-whites.

*SPAIN: Identity card with name, registration number, fingerprint and photograph is compulsory and required to be carried at all times.

*SRI LANKA: Each person is issued with an identity card bearing a registration number. It is used for official transactions and for general purposes of identificaton. It is not compulsory to carry the cards.

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