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Tuesday, 7 December 1976

To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the undersigned citizens of Australia respectfully showeth:

That representation of the consumer, the listening public, community groups be included in the membership of the proposed Broadcasting Council.

And your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray. byDr Cass.

Petition received.

Nature Reserves in the Australian Capital Territory

To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives in Parliament assembled. The humble petition of the undersigned citizens of Canberra and electors in the Divisions of Fraser and Canberra respectfully showeth:

That in response to the National Capital Development Commission proposals for urban development of the foothills of Mount Ainslie and Mount Majura we wish to make it known that we are opposed to any urban development of these foothills beyond that which already exists, for the following reasons.

1.   The foothills are important to Canberra as a city with an outstanding international reputation for promoting balance between urban development and the preservation of environments which complement that development, a balance which would be lost if urban development is permitted to extend any higher on the foothills.

2.   The area is of significant scenic value as an integral pan of the Walter Burley Griffin Canberra plan, a plan which has been adopted by Canberra's citizens and which embodies the concept of a garden city; the natural bushland of the foothills being a vital element of that concept.

3.   Having this unique woodland area in the centre of the National Capital provides a readily accessible facility which enables people to identify with what remains of their bushland heritage.

4.   The foothill woodlands have considerable educational value in their flora, fauna, geology and geography in close proximity to students of diverse age in the formal and informal education process. This value will increase as Canberra 's population increases.

5.   The foothills have recreational value to a wide range of people for trail walks, school outings, children's recreation and development, leisurely walks for more elderly residents, for fitness and training exercises, for orienteering and for relaxation and retreat from the pressures of urban life. This recreational value will increase particularly if areas in old Canberra as it now exists are developed to house a larger population.

6.   The foothills remain one of the best surviving examples of Eucalyptus melliodora and Eucalyptus blakelyi woodland.

7.   The foothills and the mountain together form an environment which sustains special members of Australia's fauna, the grey kangaroo and swamp wallaby, which can be frequently observed grazing on the foothills. The area is in practice an open fauna reserve in the heart of the National Capital.

8.   Canberra residents and local residents in particular have come to appreciate the foothills as a permanent element in the landscape of their city. Local residents in particular have made investments and lifelong decisions on the basis of the permanence of the bushland which exists at this time on the foothills.

9.   The foothills are a unique and irreplaceable property asset to the community as a whole, an asset which should not be transferred to a very small minority as would occur if urban development is permitted.

Your petitioners therefore humbly pray that the Government recognise the recreational, educational and environmental value to the Canberra community and to the National Capital of the bushland of the Mount Ainslie, Mount Majura area of which the foothills form a vital and integral part and that the Government takes measures to ensure that there is no residential, commercial, roadway or other urban infrastructural development beyond that which already exists on these foothills and that the Government takes measures to ensure the preservation of this area as a nature reserve for the benefit of the present and future generations. by Mr Fry.

Petition received.

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