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Friday, 3 December 1976

Mr Morris asked the Minister for the Capital Territory, upon notice:

What action has he taken to implement the recommendations of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Road Safety in order to (a) ensure that the Australian Capital Territory immediately legislates for retrofitting of seat belts based on the Advisory Committee on Vehicle Performance draft code of practice, (b) initiate a program to notify all pre- 1974 motor vehicles owners, at the time of registration renewal, of the inherent dangers associated with the incorrect wearing and fitting of seat belts, (c) investigate the practicality and feasibility of incorporating an outside device on vehicles to indicate whether seat belts are being worn, (d) ensure that vehicles are fitted with a 'fasten seat belts' warning light on the dashboard operated in conjunction with the ignition switch and (e) investigate the present reasons for granting exemptions from seat belt wearing and encourage Territory authorities to amend their legislation according to the result of the investigation.

Mr Staley (CHISHOLM, VICTORIA) (Minister for the Capital Territory) -The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(a)   Amendments to the Motor Traffic Ordinance to require the fitting of seat belts in vehicles manufactured prior to 1 974 are being considered.

(   b ) Vehicle owners have been advised for some time at the point of registration on the inherent dangers of incorrect wearing and fitting of seat belts.

(c)   and (d) Implementation of both these recommendations would best be handled by first requiring fitment to new vehicles. Agreement within the framework of the Australian Transport Advisory Council would be the first step in the process leading to amendment to the Australian Design Rules. It would be inappropriate for the initiatives in this regard to be taken in the A.C.T. but the A.C.T. would be pleased to be involved in any studies.

(e)   A review of seat belt legislation as it applies to the Australian Capital Territory has been initiated.

Royal Commission on Petroleum (Question No. 1415)

Mr Jacobi asked the Minister for Business and Consumer Affairs, upon notice:

(   1 ) Has the interdepartmental committee which was set up to study the 4th report of the Royal Commission on Petroleum reported to him.

(2)   If so, when will the Commission's recommendations be implemented by the Government.

(3)   If not, when is the committee expected to complete its deliberations.

(4)   Is the Royal Commission now preparing its final report.

(5)   Did the Commission indicate in paragraph IS of the summary to its 4th report that the problems posed by transfer prices would be dealt with if the work of the Commission were to be extended by the Government.

(6)   If so, did the Government extend the work of the Commission; if not, does this indicate that the Government is not concerned with this question in spite of the fact that all systems of petroleum administration in other countries, including New Zealand, have a department or agency which monitors transfer price.

Mr Howard -The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Yes.

(2)   Both the Royal Commission's Fourth Report and the IAC's report are presently under study and I expect to place a submission on both reports before Cabinet early in the new year.

(3)   See(l) above.

(4)   The Royal Commission has now completed its investigations. Its Sixth and final report on liquified petroleum gas has been presented to the Governor-General.

(5)   Yes.

(6)   No. The transfer pricing question is being considered in conjunction with the Government's examination of the Fourth Report of the Royal Commission on Petroleum.

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