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Tuesday, 30 November 1976

Mr Morris asked the Minister for Transport, upon notice:

Will he, in consultation with his State counterparts, investigate implementing a system of variable rating of third party insurance according to vehicle size and accident record and other matters which encourage occupant safety, as well as a system of funding third party insurance by a fuel tax either in whole or in pan as recommended by the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Road Safety.

Mr Nixon -The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

At this stage I am not in a position to give a commitment in the terms sought. However, I shall raise the matter with my colleague the Minister for Social Security who has been having consultations with the States on a possible National Compensation Program.

Minister for National Resources: Visit to the United Kingdom (Question No. 1317)

Mr Les Johnson (HUGHES, NEW SOUTH WALES) asked the Minister for National Resources, upon notice:

(   1 ) When and for what purposes did he last visit the United Kingdom.

(2   ) When and for what purposes did he visit Scotland.

(3)   Did he avail himself of transport provided by Lord Vestey to or from Heathrow Airport.

(4)   Did he have any discussion on any matter with Lord Vestey; if so, when, where, and on what subject matter.

(   5 ) How long did he spend with Lord Vestey at the latter 's expense in (a) Scotland and (b) elsewhere.

(6)   What travelling expenses were paid for by Lord Vestey or his organisation.

(7)   Will he provide details of each journey taken by him in the United Kingdom, indicating the time and date of the journeys and the cost of them.

(8)   Will he also provide details of the places at which he stayed whilst in the United Kingdom indicating the cost of the accommodation and who paid for the accommodation.

Mr Anthony (RICHMOND, NEW SOUTH WALES) (Deputy Prime Minister) -The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   I last visited the United Kingdom from 11 to 17 August of this year. The purpose of my visit was to discuss, with the Secretary of State for Trade, Mr Edward Dell, a number of matters of concern to Australia, but in particular the ways in which the EEC applies its common agricultural policy to the sometimes serious detriment of producers in other countries including, to a significant degree, Australian beef, dairy products and fruit producers.

In addition, I undertook a number of official public engagements. My visit to Britain also allowed me to inform myself of the latest developments in the fields of offshore gas production and uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel processing.

(2)   I visited Scotland from the evening of Friday 13 August to the morning of Monday 16 August for a rest weekend.

(3)   No. Mr Edmund Vestey, who is a personal friend of mine, provided transport for journeys from Norwich to Lochinver and Lochinver to Windscale.

(4)   No.

(5)   I did not spend any time with Lord Vestey. I spent a weekend at Lochinver as the guest of Mr Edmund Vestey.

(6)   None.

(7)   My journeys in the United Kingdom were as follows:


Costs are not available at present, but they are at the levels expected for a visit of this nature and will be paid by the

Commonwealth. Transport for the Norwich/Lochinver/ Windscale journeys will not be a cost to the Commonwealth.

(8)   Details of accommodation in the United Kingdom are as follows:


Costs are not available at present but they are normal accommodation costs which will be paid by the Commonwealth, except for the period at Lochinver when I was the guest of Mr Vestey.

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