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Wednesday, 10 November 1976
Page: 2583

Mr SCHOLES (Corio) - It is always intriguing to listen to people who speak on the basis of self justification and who deny principle.

Government supporters- Oh!

Mr SCHOLES -It is always a matter of levity to those people who would seek power quite unscrupulously, without conscience and without honour. One of the things which I think this House ought to understand is that the events of last November have destroyed and will continue to destroy until such time as they are resolved by proper process the hope of any confidence existing in any government other than that which controls the sources of power in the media in this country being allowed to govern. Firstly, the honourable member for Casey (Mr Falconer) talked about defeating Supply. The Liberal and National Country Parties did not have the guts to bring it to a vote in the Senate. So let us get honest about this matter. They refused to deal with the legislation because they knew that they could not get the necessary votes of the senators to defeat Supply. But let us get down to the real nitty-gritty of the matter.

Mr Sullivan -What rubbish!

Mr SCHOLES -The parrots over yonder do not believe in democracy. If they want to see what they have done to it they should go to Queensland and look at the situation that exists there. While we are talking about this proposition, I think the House should be made fully aware that it was not the Senate that the people of Australia elected that was voting on this issue last year.

Mr Martyr - Of course it was.

Mr SCHOLES -It was not the Senate that the people elected. It was a rigged Senate.

Mr Cotter - You are all bitter and twisted.

Mr SCHOLES - Why do you not grow up? You are like a spoilt schoolboy. You have won office by a dishonest act and you want to protect yourself.

Mr Giles - That is not what you said in the Herald tonight.

Mr SCHOLES -I said nothing about this in the Herald tonight. If you learned to read it might help your political career.

Mr Giles - You had better watch your tongue because you have delivered yourself by that remark.

Mr SCHOLES -I think the honourable gentleman does not understand some things. Honesty is a thing that he does not seem to understand. I want to make a point and I will make it now.

Mr Sullivan - It is the first one you have made tonight.

Mr SCHOLES - You just do not know how to talk. The point I want to make is this: The Senate that refused to consider Supply was not the Senate that was elected by the Australian people. There were 2 members of the Senate at that time who had been appointed by State parliamentsquite improperly- to replace 2 elected Australian Labor Party senators, one of whom had died. The Parties of honourable members opposite conspired to rig the Senate by stacking it with people who could not get elected and who could not get the votes of the Australian people and utilised the votes of those people who were dishonestly appointed by State governmentshonourable members opposite do not know much about honesty- in order to acquire the numbers to defeat an elected government.

Mr Baume - They did not vote and you know it.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER (Mr Lucock)Order!I am reluctant to interrupt the honourable member for Corio because of the time factor, but I suggest that the debate may be assisted if interjections were to cease.

Mr SCHOLES -The facts of the matter are that the decision not to consider the Supply Bills was taken on a tied vote with a Queensland senator who had replaced a Labor senator not being present. Had that Labor senator been present the Bills would have come on for consideration. I think honourable members opposite ought to understand how this was done. It was done because of the fact that 2 Labor seats were taken away from the Labor Party by the machinations and, I think, the supreme ego of the then Premier of New South Wales and the machinations of the Queensland Parliament. The people elected a Senate of certain numbers. Honourable members opposite believe that is honest and decent for the people who are elected to be replaced by their friends. The fact that they have the Upper House of every State Parliament rigged in such a way that this cannot happen to them justifies the situation.

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member's time has expired.

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