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Wednesday, 3 November 1976

Mr BIRNEY (Phillip) - I draw the attention of the House to a scurrilous advertisement that appeared in the Australian of 29 October last, which sets out the most infamous resolution ever passed by the United Nations, whereby Zionism was said to foster the growth of racism and racial discrimination. Mention was made also of the International Women's Year conference that was held in Mexico City in 1975, which promulgated the foul principle that international peace requires, amongst other things, the elimination of Zionism. Honourable members will recall that when Australia was governed by the Australian Labor Party a delegation from this country to that conference supported a resolution which contained reference to the elimination of Zionism. Such resolutions are contrary to factual and historic truth. The initiators of the resolution aim at denying the right of existence of Israel.

This advertisement was in the nature of an offensive and had a definite political significance and purpose. It was designed to impeach the essence and foundation of Israel so as to prepare political conditions for the intensification of further attacks on its right of survival as an independent state in its own land and, in part, to prepare the ground for the establishment of an Arafatist' state in place of and on the ruins of the state of Israel. The enemies of Israel never cease in their campaign to convince the world that there are similarities between Zionism and apartheid and that Israel is a nation of racists. Racism and racial discrimination, including apartheid, are abhorrent not only to the people of Israel but also to all other peoples of the world who similarly cherish democracy. Never let it be forgotten that the Jews themselves are the classic victims of racial discrimination and that their martyrs over the centuries run into tens of millions.

Those responsible for the advertisement are obviously oblivious to the Government's policy on the subject, which is one of support unequivocally and without reservation for the right of Israel to exist, and by 'exist ' I mean more than bare survival. I mean the right to those conditions which will enable its people to live normal lives and to go about their legitimate business without harassment and intimidation. The Government of which I am honoured to be a supporter quite properly regards the equation of Zionism with racism as totally infamous. The people who placed this advertisement should be prosecuted for false advertising.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! It being 1 1 p.m. the debate is interrupted.

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