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Thursday, 13 September 1973
Page: 1024

Mr ENDERBY - That is consistent with it, too. We have released more documents and more reports and there has been less secrecy than before. Of course, it is like Pandora's box. The more you are public and open the more you are criticised, and we welcome criticism.

Mr Wentworth - There is no hope in the box, you know.

Mr ENDERBY - Well, you people were in power for 23 years. Very skilfully, you told no one anything. You kept your secrets to yourselves. You were not particularly democratic. You remained in power for 23 years. One wonders which is the better method. I suggest ours is. The honourable member for Griffith spoke about caucus. I appreciate his tactics in using the word 'caucus', relying in a perhaps opportunistic way on the fact that many people would not know what the word means.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - Cut it out.

Mr ENDERBY - I mean people outside this place. It is the Parliamentary Labor Party, every one of us who is elected. Our practice, our policy and our firm conviction that it is the supreme body here in this place are far superior to your system of - what shall I call it? When it once worked it was the Fuhrer princip. There was no discussion at all. In some unholy coalition the Liberal Party, which occasionally might want to do something progressive, was always prevented by the Country Party, which would not let the Liberal Party do it. The Liberal Party could not govern without the Country Party. The Liberal Party knew it and the Country Party knew it, and so Australia did nothing for 23 years. So we make no apology for the caucus being a body which can discuss things openly. It should not be quite as open as it is; I appreciate that.

Mr Donald Cameron (GRIFFITH, QUEENSLAND) - What about the Brisbane airport?

Mr ENDERBY - I am not answering a question on the airport. I am taking up some of the points that the honourable member raised. We are rather proud of the caucus system in this place and we say that it is far superior to the Opposition's system.

Mr McVeigh - Is the Prime Minister proud of it?

Mr ENDERBY - Yes, he is indeed. He argues forcefully and convincingly and he is a very great Prime Minister because he has to justify his views in the caucus - something that Prime Ministers on your side have never had to do.

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