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Tuesday, 11 September 1973
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Mr Lynch asked the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, upon notice:

(1)   What financial assistance has been given to the publication 'Identity' during 1972-73.

(2)   What assistance has been (a) requested by and (b) provided to 'Identity' since 4 December 1972.

(3)   Did he receive a request from the editor of Identity' to accompany him on fact finding trips in Australia.

(4)   If so, did he accede to that request.

(5)   Since he became a member of the Ministry, on what occasions and for what purposes has he made official visits to examine the situation of Aborigines.

(6)   Will he list the members of (a) his personal staff, (b) his Department, (c) the press and (d) other organisations who have accompanied him on each official trip.

Mr Bryant - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   and (2) Total financial assistance given to the Aboriginal Publications Foundation for 'Identity' in 1972-73 was$16,000, which was the amount requested by the Foundation.

(3)   and (4) The Editor of 'Identity' requested that he accompany me on my visit to North Queensland and Alice Springs, from 17-22 January. As his request was received after the passenger lists and itinerary had been drawn up, it was not possible to include him in this visit. I was happy, however, to arrange for 'Mr Newfong to accompany the Minister for Health on a visit he was making to the Northern Territory at that time but he was unable to accompany the Minister for Health.

(5)   and (6) Since entering the Ministry I have made official visits to every part of the continent except Tasmania with the object of visiting every Aboriginal community. A list of the places visited and the staff and others who accompanied me at various times is available at my office.

Aircraft Operations (Question No. 483)

Mr Whan asked the Minister for Civil

Aviation, upon notice:

(1)   What is the average hourly operating cost under similar conditions for each of the following aircraft:

Boeing 747, Boeing 707, Boeing 727, BAC111, Douglas DC9, Fokker F28, Fokker F27, HS 125, HS 748.

(2)   What is the range and the cruising speed of each of these aircraft.

(3)   What is the take-off distance for each aircraft, fully loaded.

Mr Charles Jones - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   It is impossible to be precise in quoting hourly operating costs for the aircraft types mentioned, as these vary between operators and according to such factors as the stage length of the route flown. However, representative hourly direct operating costs (i.e. excluding all overhead costs) would be:


No direct operating costs can be provided for the BAC111, HS 125 or HS 748 as these aircraft types are not in commercial use in Australia.

(2)   and (3) Details of range, cruising speed and takeoff distance are set out in the schedule attached.


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