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Thursday, 17 May 1973
Page: 2335

Mr SPEAKER -Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr KEOGH - Yes, on 2 occasions. Twice during his remarks the honourable member for Maranoa (Mr Corbett) referred to my speech earlier this evening and on both occasions misrepresented me. He suggested that I misinterpreted or misrepresented material contained in an article in the 'Courier Mail' from which I quoted. To show that the intent of the article was quite clear and far from the point the honourable member made I quote the relevant passage as follows:

After a day of argument and negotiation in the Party room the majority of Liberals agreed to allow this legislation through so the question of sovereignty could be resolved.

That article appeared on page 1 of the Courier Mail'. The article from which the honourable member for Maranoa quoted - I looked it up in my office where I was listening to the broadcast of the honourable member's speech - appeared on page 8. Until that time I had not read that article because I had not got beyond page 3 for laughing at the article I read there about the Democratic Labor Party takeover of the Country Party in Queensland. The second time the honourable member misrepresented me he spoke about remarks I had made and said that they indicated a lack of loyalty to my State of Queensland. He could not see how a person could have loyalty to Australia and not loyalty to Queensland. I refute that suggestion and would suggest, without reflection on the honourable member, that I would have as much loyalty to my State of Queensland as he has. Combined with the loyalty I have for my State is sympathy for the fact that it has a Country Party Premier inflicted on it.

Mr SPEAKER -Order! The honourable member is starting to debate the issue.

Mr KEOGH - Mr Speaker,I am proud to be a Queenslander, but first and foremost I am immensely proud to be an Australian.

Mr CORBETT(Maranoa)- Mr Speaker, I wish to make a personal explanation.

Mr SPEAKER -Does the honourable member claim to have been misrepresented?

Mr CORBETT - I certainly do. My remarks, to which the honourable member for Bowman (Mr Keogh) has referred, related to a Press release. I did not doubt that what he said was right. In fact, I know it was right. What I did say was that he had not turned the paper over far enough to get to the next page.

Mr Keogh - The article the honourable member mentioned was on page 8.

Mr CORBETT - lt was on page 8. There is no question about that. If the honourable member had gone further he would have seen it. This is different from what the honourable member said. I certainly did not say that he could not be a loyal Australian and be a loyal Queenslander. He has misrepresented my remarks and I ask him to look at Hansard in the morning or whenever he gets it to see what I did say, because he has it completely wrong. There is no animosity on my part. I feel that the honourable member has completely misconstrued what was said in both instances and I hope that in future he will be more careful about his quotations.

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