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Friday, 25 September 1970

Mr Keogh asked the Postmaster-General, upon notice:

(1)   Are the increased telephone installation and rental charges announced in the Budget all the increases in charges that his Department plans to impose on telephone owners and users this financial year.

(2)   Can he give an assurance that there will be no increases, at least until the next Budget, in the "rates presently charged for local or trunks calls.

Mr Hulme - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   There are no increased telephone charges other than those announced in the Budget under consideration for this financial year. (2) See answer to (1).

Adelaide Airport: Light Aircraft Terminal (Question No. 1825) Mr Jacobi asked the Minister representing the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice: %l) Is it a fact that an application has been approved for the establishment of a light aircraft terminal and maintenance centre at Adelaide Airport.

(2)   If so, (a) what is the name of the applicant, (b) on what date was the application approved, and (c) who made the decision.

(3)   Where were these facilities previously located in South Australia, and what is the reason for their establishment at Adelaide Airport.

(4)   Has the Minister's attention been drawn to complaints of the considerable discomfort suffered by those people in close proximity to the flight paths and the noise created by these light aircraft.

(5)   Is it a fact that these new facilities are much nearer the residential areas.

(6)   If so, will the Minister arrange for the erection of sound screens near the area where these aircraft are to be maintained and serviced.

(7)   Will the Minister take steps to ensure that the current curfew arrangements also apply to the movements of these light aircraft.

Mr Swartz - The Minister for Civil Aviation has provided the following answer to the honourable member's question:

(1)   Approval has been given for the erection of a small terminal for use by passengers on charter aircraft that have long been operating at Adelaide Airport. There is no approval or request for the establishment of a maintenance centre.

(2)   South Australian and Northern Territory Air Services (SAATAS) were given permission on 22nd May 1970 by my Department to erect a small passenger terminal.

(3)   These are new facilities in that earlier passengers proceeded directly from their road transport to the aircraft. They are not facilities which have been transferred from some other airport.

(4)   The Minister has informed me that he b kept in close touch with the pattern of noise complaints at each of our capital city airports, including Adelaide.

(5)   and (6) The new light aircraft terminal will not add to noise nuisance. It is located on the new light aircraft apron and it is a condition for the use of this apron that prolonged engine testing will not be permitted without a properly constructed engine test cell. This new light aircraft parking area is closer to some houses but farther away from a comparable number of houses.

(7)   The pattern of operations is not expected to alter and there will be no additional noise or annoyance to nearby residences. It follows that there is no cause to review the existing curfew or noise abatement arrangements.

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