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Wednesday, 10 June 1970

Mr Charles Jones (NEWCASTLE, VICTORIA) asked the Minister representing the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice:

Is he able to supply particulars of the salaries and conditions applying to (a) pilots and (b) flight engineers flying (i) Boeing 727 (ii) DC9 and (iii) Boeing 707 aircraft in (A) Australia, (B) the United States of America, (C) the United Kingdom, (D) West Germany and (E) Sweden.

Mr Swartz - The Minister has supplied the following answer to the honourable member's question:

The minimum guaranteed pay (M.G.P.) for domestic airline pilots in Australia is compiled on the basis of 65 hours flight time composed of three-quarter day and one-quarter night flying.

The M.G.P. scale of salaries applicable to DC9 and Boeing 727 aircraft is as follows:


lt has been found that generally, the stage at which a pilot graduates to DC9 and Boeing 727 type aircraft occurs during the 7th or 8th year of his experience as a pilot. Because of this, it would be more realistic to consider the range of salaries (M.G.P.) for DC9 and Boeing 727 pilots as being from $8,897-$ 14,361 and $9,398-$15,288. The first figure in these ranges being the M.G.P. for' DC9 and Boeing 727 pilots during their 7th year of aeronautical experience, and the last figure is the M.G.P. for a Captain in receipt of the final incremental increase.

The progress of a pilot throughout his flying career is governed by his seniority which is strictly protected and can only be over-ridden by an unfavourable operational assessment.

An opportunity for pilots to obtain additional flying time is provided by the 'bidding' system. In accordance with this scheme a pilot, depending on his seniority and the types of aircraft for which his licence is endorsed, may bid for and be credited with additional hours up to 85 hours per month in the case of piston engine and turbopropeller type aircraft, and 80 hours per month in respect of turbo-jet aircraft. Pay for the additional hours flown is computed on a pro-rata basis of the appropriate annual equivalent of the M.G.P.

The M.G.P. for a Qantas eight-year Captain operating Boeing 707 aircraft on international airline operations is $18,738. This amount includes an overseas pay allowance of $1,238.

This salary is based on 832 hours flying per year. As in the case of the domestic airline pilots, Qantas pilots may also engage in additional flying. The maximum number of hours which may be credited, however, is presently under review.

Australian international and domestic airline pilots are granted 35 days leave (inclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) for each completed year of service.

The salaries of flight engineers employed by Australian domestic operators on Boeing 727 or Elect ra aircraft commence at $5,798 and are increased by increments of $210 per annum to a maximum of $7,688 in the tenth year.

Until he is fully qualified, however, and is able to perform line operations without supervision, a flight engineer is regarded as probationary and during this period is paid at the rate of $4,150 per annum.

The salaries of flight engineers employed by Qantas (international operators) are as follows:


The above rales applicable to Qantas flight engineers became effective on12th September 1969. Negotiations concerning a further increase are proceeding.

In the United Kingdom the position is:



Leave: 4 weeks per annum (2 weeks in Summer and 2 weeks in Winter).

In the United States, pilot pay rates vary from airline to airline us the Airline Pilots Association negotiates separate contracts with each company on behalf of the pilots employed by the operator concerned.

Current monthly gross pay rates for an American Boeing 707 pilot are:


This is based on 75 hours per month, half day and half night.

T.W.A. pay rates for Boeing 727 on the same basis are:


Second Officers flying Boeing 707 and 727 aircraft are qualified pilots holding Commercial Licence and a currently effective flight engineer certificate.

Delta Airlines pay rates for DC9-32 on the same basis are:


Annual leave is provided in accordance with the following schedule:


The leave entitlements and salaries mentioned above represent the standard for all negotiations of this nature in the coming 6-8 months.

I have been unable to obtain at this stage details requested in respect of pilots' salaries and conditions for Sweden and West Germany.

Australian Capital Territory: Building Societies (Question No. 943)

Mr Whitlam asked the Minister for the

Interior, upon notice:

(1)   What was the (a) maximum loan, (b) minimum deposit, (c) interest rate and (d) maximum repayment term in respect of houses financed by building societies in the Australian Capital Territory 20 years ago.

(2)   What has been the (a) date and (b) extent of subsequent changes.

Mr Nixon - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   There were no building societies operating in the Australian Capital Territory 20 years ago. The first terminating society was formed in Canberra in il959 and the first permanent society in 1960.

(2)   Of the 27 terminating societies, 20 operate with Commonwealth funds and 7 with banks funds. The 7 privately financed societies are backed by Commonwealth Guarantees under the Housing Loans Guarantee (A.C.T.) Act 1959. There are 5 permanent societies.

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