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Wednesday, 10 June 1970

The CHAIRMAN (Mr Lucock - Order! I remind the honourable member lor Barton that one of the comments made in this chamber a moment ago was thai the Committee stages of the Bill were tor detailed discussion of t. I point out to the honourable member that I do not want his speech to develop into a discussion about the power of the Senate or ot this House in relation to Bills and to amendments by the Senate.

Mr REYNOLDS - I was just following a few comments that had already been tolerated in this discussion. I will leave it at that. I think I have made my point quite adequately. The Minister did promise during his speech earlier today that there is in being a review of paramedical or ancillary medical services. I ask the Minister whether he would be good enough when he rises to speak to tell us when we may expect the review to be completed. Can we expect action in the forthcoming Budget session in respect of the provision for ancillary services?

The only other matter 1 want to raise is in respect of request No. 5 from the Senate. It deals with the proposed payment of $2 a day for patients in hospitals where no charge is made. This will now cover up the problem we have had in Queensland where the previous State Labor Government's provision of free public hospitals without means test still survives. It is the Federal Parliamentary Labor Party's policy for the whole of Australia. As soon as a Labor government comes into power one of the first things it will do wil be to reinstitute free public ward treatment in hospitals throughout Australia. I would like to attract the Minister's attention. It is pretty hard to carry on if one cannot get the Minister to listen. Is the Minister interested or not? T am prepared to wait if he is.

Dr Forbes - I am listening.

Mr REYNOLDS - I am seeking clarification

The CHAIRMAN (Mr Lucock - Order! Whether the Minister Ls listening or not has no relevance to the Bill. I suggest that the honourable member for Barton continue with his remarks.

Mr REYNOLDS - I suggest that courtesy is demanded from a Minister when somebody is asking for clarification of a Bill.

Mr Foster - I raise a point of order. Mr Chairman. Did I understand von to say that there is no relevance in the Bill?

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