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Tuesday, 2 June 1970

Mr Webb (STIRLING, WESTERN AUSTRALIA) asked the Minister for the Army, upon notice:

(1)   Is it a fact that the practice of releasing Army houses for purchase by servicemen on their being discharged from the Army has now ceased.

(2)   Has the Commonwealth Department of Housing requested the State Housing Commissions to make houses occupied by servicemen available for sale to these servicemen.

(3)   If so, what has been she result of this request.

(4)   If a satisfactory decision has not been received, what action is proposed to provide housing for ex-servicemen.

Mr Peacock - The answer to the honourable member's question is as follows:

(1)   Married quarters, obtained under the Com.monwealth/State Housing Agreement, are provided in areas in close proximity to Army installations for married members and their families who are posted to those installations. The release of married quarters for purchase by exmembers is only considered when suitable replacement houses are made available to the Army. Army policy in this matter has not changed.

(2)   and (3) The Commonwealth Department of Housing has 'not made any general request lo State Housing Commissions to make houses occupied by servicemen available for sale to them. However, with the concurrence of the particular Service department, individual requests have been made lo the State Housing authorities generally wilh the proviso mentioned in (I) above. Sales of such houses have been relatively few.

(4)   Ex-servicemen have the same access as other citizens to avenues of housing finance available in the community. Special provision has also been made in each of the successive Common.wealth/State Housing Agreements for the allotment of ordinary Housing Authority dwelling!! to members of me Forces', defined in the Agreements lo include certain ex-servicemen. There are current discussions with State Housing authorities which seek to ensure that on discharge a former serviceman is not at a disadvantage in comparison with civilians generally in seeking to purchase an ordinary Housing Authority dwelling. Assistance is, of course, available under the War Service Homes Scheme for those exservicemen who meet its eligibility requirements.

Carriage of Goods by Australian and Overseas-owned Shipping Lines (Question No. 618) Mr Les Johnson asked the Minister for Trade and Industry, upon notice:

What was the (a) tonnage and value of Australian exports and imports, (b) tonnage, value and proportion of exports and imports transported by overseas-owned shipping lines and (c) tonnage, value and proportion of exports and imports transported by Australian-owned shipping lines, during each of the last 10 years.

Mr McEwen - The answer to the honour able member's question is as follows: (a), (b) and (c) The Acting Commonwealth Statistician has supplied the attached' table setting out the value of overseas imports and exports and the weight ot measurement of overseas cargo loaded and discharged at Australian ports for each of the financial years 1959-60 to 1968-69.

The Statistician has advised that while Overseas Trade Statistics and Overseas Shipping Cargo Statistics represent complementary aspects of Australia's trade relations with foreign countries, the two statistical series are derived from separate sources and' have differences in basic concepts and coverage. As a consequence the two sets of figures supplied are not strictly comparable and- they should be used with these qualifications in mind.

The Statistician has advised al:0 that neither Overseas Trade Statistics nor Shipping Cargo Statistics are available on the basis of overseas-owned and Australian-owned shipping lines.


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