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Wednesday, 13 May 1970

Mr REYNOLDS (Barton) - I would like to persist and to go back to clause 8. lt is stated in the Bill that a professional service is a medical service that is rendered by or on behalf of a medical practitioner. What I want to know and what thousands of people in the community want lo know-

The CHAIRMAN - Order! I would suggest to the honourable member for Barton that the Committee has already decided and agreed to the clause to which he is now speaking. The clause that we are now discussing is clause 19.

Mr REYNOLDS - Not a syllabic has been uttered on the definition.

The CHAIRMAN - Order! The honourable member for Barton has been in this place long enough to know that at this given moment the clause before the Committee is clause 19. Clauses 1 to 18 have been agreed to by the Committee.

Mr Daly - I raise a point of order. What the honourable member for Barton is endeavouring to point out to the Committee is that this Bill is inter-related and that clause 8 must be discussed in conjunction with the one under discussion now; otherwise we would be seeking to discuss the Bill and discarding the first half of it.

The CHAIRMAN - Order! There is no substance to the point of order.

Mr Hayden - I would like to dissent from your ruling, Mr Chairman.

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