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Friday, 8 May 1970

Mr McEWEN - There was a time - it was about the time I first came to this Parliament, and a little before that - when the word 'moratorium' was quite common in the vocabulary of all Australians. That was a time when there was very great economic distress in the country. We all at that time knew what the word 'moratorium' meant.

I would hope now that the word moratorium' as used today is nol to be associated with a period of great distress and suffering for many Australians, although I fear this is the plain intention of the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign. No doubt exists that the present campaign was not conceived in Australia. The campaign was applied first in the United States of America where, from coast to coast, north to south, as a consequence of the campaign there, great disorders, great damage, great civil disturbance, not a little human suffering and, indeed, some deaths occurred. It is beyond my comprehension why people enjoying the privileges of being Australian citizens seek to transplant into this country that circumstance which we have seen exhibited in the United States of America. There is not the slightest doubt that the Moratorium Campaign is intended to try to achieve by political means in the Australian Parliament, as it has sought to achieve in the United States Congress, the aid and succour of the Communist forces, whom our troops are fighting, which they themselves have not been able to achieve in the field of battle.

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