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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr DEPUTY SPEAKER - Order! A point of order was taken from the Government side of the House suggesting that all remarks be directed through the Chair, and all interjections are out of order. I ask the honourable member for La Trobe to remain silent.

Mr COHEN - It is obvious that the only time Government supporters are concerned about the threat to democracy is when it is from the left. What about the situation in South Africa and Rhodesia? How concerned are honourable members opposite about that? How concerned are they about Greece? I suggest that some of them should do a little research on South Africa and read about the background and history of some of the current leaders that are running the country. They should read about these leaders' associations with the Nazi Party during the last war. Honourable members opposite should ask themselves or read about how many of them were imprisoned and how many of them were active supporters of the Nazi Party in Germany and the Nazi Party in South Africa. Many members on the other side of the

House are great admirers of the South African and Rhodesian regimes. They have little to say about Greece. No, they are not fair dinkum. They are the greatest bunch of phoneys ever to come inside a parliament in the whole of Australia. Their concern is limited to any threat that comes from the moderate left. Then, suddenly they go, with guns blazing in John Wayne style, attacking right, left and centre. But let me ask them, through you Mr Deputy Speaker, what they are going to do about the situation in the Philippines. Just after the Philippines elections a number of Catholic bishops announced that they were disgusted with and appalled at the repression and the corruption that were going on in their country. This is the classic situation in South East Asia where there are these conditions of no proper land reform, repression, persecution, political assassination, corruption - the whole lot - and then there is a grass roots movement to overthrow the regime. But prior to that you do nothing about it. Honourable members opposite have never bothered to put any pressure on the leader of the country concerned or its government to bring about reforms. But as soon as there is any sort of attempt to overthrow these corrupt regimes you go in guns blazing. This will go on. This is how honourable members opposite will make their domino theory work - if they go on taking this angle or attitude.

I conclude by saying that we on this side of the House are disgusted to see the sort of attacks that are used by honourable members opposite. It is a pity that we cannot get on with the business of debating some of the real issues that are concerning the people of this country today.

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