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Thursday, 7 May 1970

Mr McMAHON - As to the first part of the honourable gentleman's question, the Lon Nol Government did not ask for the assistance that was given by South Vietnam and the United States of America but yesterday the Premier himself, Mr Lon Nol, issued a statement in which he said that the liberation government of Cambodia recognised that the action by the United States and South Vietnam was taken in order to achieve the freedom, the independence and the realisation of the highest ideals of the people and the Government of Cambodia. The Government is now known as the Salvation Government. Mr Lon Nol went on to say that he wished that they had been able to achieve the same goals and the same objectives themselves. We find that he did not ask for the assistance. That is understandable, because he was under such strong pressure from Communist sources. But he does welcome the operations that are now taking place in three separate parts of Cambodia.

As to the second part of the honourable gentleman's question, which related to the Indonesian initiative, particularly from Mr Malik, the simple goals of the conference are as follows: Firstly, it is to be related to Cambodia if it can be kept that way; secondly, to try to ensure that there is no interference in the affairs of other countries, particularly Cambodia; thirdly, Cambodia to have the right of self determination and the people, by a free vote, to be able to express their opinions and have their opinions brought into legislative and constitutional effect; finally, that the International Control Commission for Cambodia be reinstated. All of these goals are firmly held by the Australian Government. I hope to be able to represent the Government at the meeting on the 16th and 17th of this month.

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