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Friday, 12 September 1969

Mr GORTON - Mr Acting Speaker,I have noticed, but not read in detail, the report of proceedings in another place to which the Leader of the Opposition has referred. I- note that, according to the report 1 read, the question was directed towards Tullamarine. The question seemed to me to indicate that Sir Henry Bolte had been quoted as saying that he believed that Tullamarine should be an aerodrome at which 24 hour a day operations should be able to take place. That may or may not be the view of Sir Henry Bolte, but it is the one that was put forward in this question.

Tullamarine is in a completely different situation, of course, from Mascot. Honourable members will know that Tullamarine is at the moment virtually in the country, certainly well out on the outskirts of the city of Melbourne, and that flying operations there would by no means have the same effect on the numbers of people living around that aerodrome as would flying operations at Mascot. So, I would reject altogether the Leader of the Opposition's suggestion that Tullamarine and Mascot were in the same category in this regard.

I would think that it was perfectly reasonable and sensible for quick change Boeing aircraft to be imported. The mere fact of the importation of aircraft which arc able to be changed over quickly from passengers to freight does not mean and is not to be taken to mean that merely because of that such aircraft would be used in an area such as Mascot. All I can do is to repeat what I said to the honourable member for Barton, that I know of no proposition having been put forward to us for 24 hour a day operations into or out of Mascot. I know of no such proposal. I will, as I said, confer with the Minister for Civil Aviation so that he can reply to the question asked of me by the honourable member for Barton.

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