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Thursday, 24 March 1966

Mr Killen n asked the Minister for External Affairs, upon notice -

1.   Can he say what ships flying the British flag have discharged cargo in the port of Haiphong, Vietnam, in the two years ended February 1966?

2.   What has been the (a) nature and (b) quantity of the cargo discharged?

3.   From what sources does the information come to provide answers to these questions?

Mr Harold Holt - The Acting Minister for External Affairs has provided me with the following answers to the honorable member's questions -

1.   There are no precise statistics on the extent ships under British registration are engaged in trading with North Vietnam, but it appears that from 20 to 30 such vessels visit North Vietnam from time to time, most of them in ballast, to pick up coal, fresh fruit and vegetables. Most of these ships are on the Hong Kong register and many are under time charter to foreign agencies which cannot be controlled. The President of the United Kingdom Chamber of Shipping, Mr. F. Bolton, announced at the beginning of this month that steps were being taken to exclude North Vietnam from such charters or not to renew them on expiry and that all current contracts were believed to expire shortly.

2.   There is no precise information on the cargo discharged, but no British ships are known to have carried strategic goods which could have helped the North Vietnam war effort.

3.   Except where otherwise indicated, this information conies from official United Kingdom sources.

Northern Territory: Salaries of Teachers in Welfare Branch. (Question No. 1484.)

Mr Nelson (NORTHERN TERRITORY, NORTHERN TERRITORY) n asked the Minister for Territories, upon notice -

1.   When was the new organisation structure and when were the new rates of salaries of teachers employed in the Welfare Branch of the Northern Territory Administration first drawn up?

2.   What time elapsed between the finalisation of the new organisation and Executive Council approval of the structure?

3.   Is it a fact that payment under this structure has not yet been made to the teachers?

4.   If so, when will the payment be made?

5.   In view of the delay, what arrangements are in hand to make the payment retrospective?

6.   To what date will the payment be made retrospective?

7.   Were the salaries of teachers employed by the Welfare Branch of the Northern Territory Administration adjusted following the marginal increases handed down in May 1963 and July 1965?

8.   If so, how were the adjustments effected?

9.   If the marginal increases were not applied, what was the reason for withholding them?

Mr Barnes (MCPHERSON, QUEENSLAND) (Minister for Territories) - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows -

1.   12th January 1965.

2.   Executive Council approved the inclusion of the new designations and salaries in the Fourth Schedule to the Public Service Regulations on 19th February 1965.

3.   At the time of the question - yes; action to complete full payment at the new rates is proceeding.

4.   See answer to 3. above.

5.   Payment at the higher rate is effective on and from 19th February 1965.

6.   See answer to 5. above.

7.   The rates of pay of teachers employed in the Welfare Branch of the Northern Territory Administration were not adjusted following the general salary adjustments granted in May 1963 and July 1965, as on both of these occasions the rates of pay of teachers had only recently been reviewed and increased. In this respect teachers were not treated any differently to a number of other employment groups within the Public Service who had similarly received separate pay increases and were therefore also excluded from the (then) general salary adjustments.

8.   See answer to 7. above.

9.   See answer to 7. above.

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