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Thursday, 24 March 1966

Mr WENTWORTH (Mackellar) , - At the rebroadcast in King's Hall I noticed the presence of the honorable member for Reid (Mr. Uren). I did not notice his presence very closely. I am not prepared to say how long he was there. I do not know that of my own knowledge. The question has arisen as to what is on this tape. That could be settled very easily and quickly. The honorable member for Chisholm (Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes) has offered to replay the tape in King's Hall as you, Mr. Speaker, have ruled that it cannot be played in this chamber. So if the honorable member for Reid did not have a chance to hear it, he can hear it tonight in King's Hall.

But I make another suggestion. I know that this tape was recorded at a public meeting. It may not have the quality of a proper recording, but I believe that it is of sufficient interest for the public to hear it. I suggest to the honorable member for Chisholm that he might care to make it available to a broadcasting station so that everybody could hear exactly what is on it and we would then know something more about the attitude of the honorable member for Yarra (Dr. J. F. Cairns).

I should like to say a couple of other things. A few minutes ago the honorable member for Reid was waxing eloquent about the alleged Fascist suppression of free speech. He does not wax so eloquent about the real Communist suppression of free speech. I can say this from my own personal knowledge. A few weeks ago, at the Paddington Town Hall, I participated in a debate. The honorable member for Yarra was also present. A Communist clique in the hall scarcely allowed me to get a word out. As soon as I stood up and started to tell some of the truth about Vietnam, organised interruption made my words inaudible. This was continued deliberately, with the approving glances and sniggers of the honorable member for Yarra, during the whole time that 1 was endeavouring to speak.

Earlier this evening the honorable member for Chisholm gave documentary evidence of the way in which these Communist sons and their Labour allies endeavour to organise meetings and stop free speech. Tonight we have seen the honorable member for Reid, who is in this up to his neck, standing up in this House and pretending to be indignant about somebody trying to stop free speech when he wanted to speak. I am in favour of free speech. I am in favour of free and unstacked meetings. But I know - the honorable member for Chisholm has provided documentary evidence of this to the House tonight - how the Communist Party and the Labour Party, in alliance, are stacking these meetings to prevent free speech. It is the height of hypocracy for a member of the Labour Party to stand up and pretend to be indignant when he himself and his hangers-on are participating fully in a plot to prevent free speech. As I have said, the documentary evidence of this was produced tonight. The honorable member for Yarra has shown in this House in the past - and " Hansard " can prove it - that his word cannot always be taken at its face value. May I remind him that some time ago in this House, repeating what he had said on a broadcast, he first said he would be willing to meet me in debate anywhere. Subsequently, also in this House - and this is also in the record in " Hansard " - he withdrew that offer - ran away from it - and said he would noi meet me in debate. These things are in " Hansard ". These are the reasons why, I am afraid, he has earned the soubriquet of " the Yarra crayfish ".

Mr Gibson - Where is he now?

Mr WENTWORTH - Is he in the

House now? I do not see him, although a few moments ago, through the Labour Whip, I said I was going to mention him and suggested that if he had courage he should be present in the House to hear what I had to say. He wants to go out, as I am reminded, to prepare a fabricated defence - to prepare it very carefully.

I am reminded also of the occasion on 14th October 1964 when I laid on the table of this House - I have here a further copy of it in case anybody wants it - evidence that the honorable member for Yarra had, in this House involved himself in a web of deceit in a manner which was to the interests of the Communist Party. Here is the evidence. It has been laid on the table of the House, and I do not intend to go through it in detail now. It is all set down in writing and I have copies for any honorable member opposite who might like to see it.

The honorable member for Yarra also makes a great play of being a man of peace. He is all against violence. May I remind him that I sat opposite him at a television interview in which the conduct of butcher Castro was being discussed, and that the honorable member made the remark that Castro had behaved only like a good Labour man would behave. I heard this with my own ears. I was there, and it was heard and seen by many people, because the incident was on television. I think 1 can leave it at that. The honorable member for Yarra does himself no credit when he comes in here and makes fabrication after fabrication to try to cover up something that he wants covered up.

The honorable member for Reid shows himself as worthy only of contempt when he endeavours to accuse other organisations - whether justly or unjustly I do not know - of the very thing that the Communist Party does in full association with the Labour Party.

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