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Thursday, 9 December 1965

Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes (CHISHOLM, VICTORIA) . - The honorable member for Hunter (Mr. James) is well known in this House, and I was most interested in the theory that he has just advanced that victims of crimes- of violence should receive state compensation. Perhaps he might apply those humane, gentle, kindly, and, in many ways, justified thoughts away from this area in Canberra to the international sphere. He argues that the victims of crimes of violence should receive compensation. I understand that the honorable member was once a member of the New South Wales Police Force, and a very fine member, too. I wonder why he joined the Police Force? Does he ever stop to think why a Police Force is necessary? It is because there are people in this community who rob and commit crimes of violence. I am very surprised that he has not been able to extend his thinking beyond the shores of this country because a similar situation exists in the international sphere. Small countries will be at the mercy of big aggressors until such time as there is an international police force. We are all hoping that there will be an international police force some day, and we are working for it. But in the meantime, somebody has to do the job. It is no good the honorable member for Reid (Mr. Uren) and the honorable member for Hunter singing the old song "Isn't it terribly, terribly sad, I am so good and the world is so bad ". Their attitude is that everybody on the Opposition side of the House wants peace and nobody on the Government side wants peace. That is a very irrational view for anybody who has kindly thought for humanity. The honorable member for Reid lives in a community where he not only has a police force to protect him but where, if he considers he has been libelled, he has the law courts to protect him. Yet he comes here and says that we in Australia have no right to take part in defending a defenceless country against attack. He claims that the Government in South Vietnam is a corrupt government. He has just had some experience of a libel action in our courts; I should like to know what evidence he has that the Government in South Vietnam is a corrupt one.

Mr Uren - Is the honorable member on the side of the ' Telegraph "?

Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes (CHISHOLM, VICTORIA) - I am asking what evidence the honorable member for Reid has to support a statement of that nature. He says that the Vietnamese are not fighting; that they will not fight.

He is doing everything he can to give encouragement and assistance to people who are the enemies of this country as well as =of South Vietnam. Does he know the history of Vietnam? Does he know what the Vietnamese casualties have been? Does he know that they have been greater proportionately than those of the Americans in Korea? Why does he say the Vietnamese are not fighting? They have had a tremendous load to carry for a long time. When I was there in July, they enlisted 10,000 recruits and of these 7,000 were volunteers. Why does the honorable member come into this House and do everything he can to assist the Vietcong and the Communists and to decry our sending Australian troops over there? Why does he say: "Withdraw the Australian troops and leave the Vietnamese to be overrun by the Communists"? On what authority is he doing it?

He and his supporters send union leaders to Peking. They get on the Peking radio and say everything good they can about Communist China. Perhaps a lot of what they say is right, but they have nothing good to say for the people who are fighting and who have been fighting for some time in our front line.

Mr Hayden - That is nonsense.

Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes (CHISHOLM, VICTORIA) -

That is the effect of what he had said time and time again in this House. He wants peace to be established. So do we. But, unfortunately, the peace of this world still cannot be kept without some strong force to protect the weak, just as the police protect the community in this country. Does the honorable member want the peace of genocide in Tibet? Does he want the peace of Korea where 650,000 troops are still guarding the line to protect South Korea from being overrun. All along, he and his supporters have been doing everything they can to handicap those who are trying to protect the weak in this world, and they ought to damm well know better.

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