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Thursday, 2 December 1965

Mr HAWORTH (Isaacs) .- Mr. Chairman,when we were discussing clause 17, which was negatived by the Committee, I considered that lay members of the Trade Practices Tribunal should disclose their pecuniary interests to the Attorney-General so that he in turn could disclose them to the President of the Tribunal. I believed at the time that this would ensure that there would be no embarrassment and no feeling of lack of confidence. I do not want to repeat the arguments that I advanced then. Subsequently, however, the honorable member for Mackellar (Mr. Wentworth) proposed the amendment that we are now considering. On reflection, I consider that the words " publicly disclosed " in the new sub-clause that he has proposed go a little too far. I do not believe it is necessary that pecuniary interests of members of the Tribunal be publicly disclosed. I think it is quite sufficient if such interests are disclosed to the President. This would be satisfactory to me. I am sure that it would give the community confidence, too, if lay members of the Tribunal were required to disclose their pecuniary interests to the President so that he in turn could pass the information on to the parties in any matter if necessary.

Mr Buchanan - He might not do so.

Mr HAWORTH - It is not provided that he must do so, but he may. There will be no compulsion about it. I am sure that he would first of all consider whether there was a conflict of interests and that if he came to the conclusion that such a conflict of interests existed he would decide that the member involved should not constitute a member of the Division of the Tribunal hearing the matter concerned. I believe that the key word that distinguishes between the amendment foreshadowed by the honorable member for Evans (Dr. Mackay) and that proposed by the honorable member for Mackellar-

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