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Wednesday, 12 April 1961

Mr J R Fraser ser asked the Minister for the Interior, upon notice -

1.   Have any senators or members of the House of Representatives been granted tenancies of any government-owned (a) houses or (b) flats during the calendar years 1959, 1960 and 1961?

2.   If so, what are the names of the senators and members and what were the terms or conditions under which tenancies were granted in each case?

3.   What senators and members are currently occupying Government-owned (a) houses and (b) flats?

4.   What are the addresses of these (a) houses and (b) flats?

5.   Has any of this rented accommodation been subject to rental increases under recent decisions affecting rentals of Government-owned houses and flats in Canberra; if so, which houses and flats occupied by senators and members have had their rents increased?

6.   Has the Government, in the years mentioned, entered into any agreement or any arrangement to sell to any senator or member any governmentowned dwelling in Canberra; if so, where is the dwelling situated, to whom was it sold and what was the sale price?

Mr Freeth - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: - 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Priority in housing in Canberra for such Ministers (including presiding officers) as reasonably require it for the administration of their departments has been approved. No other senators or members have been granted tenancies of government houses or flats. The tenancy agreement in each case is on the same terms and conditions, including rental, as would be granted to any other occupant. It does not seem desirable or relevant to disclose information which is personal to other Ministers unless the honorable member is prepared to justify bis need for such information.

6.   No agreement to sell a government-owned house to any senator or member has been entered into in the period mentioned.

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