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Wednesday, 12 April 1961

Mr Ward d asked the Minister representing the Minister for Civil Aviation, upon notice -

1.   What salaries, fees, allowances,&c., are paid to members of the Australian National Airlines Commission?

2.   What amounts were received by each member of the commission during the financial year 1959-60?

3.   How many meetings were held, and what was the number of hours for which the commission sat during that year?

4.   Were all members present at each meeting; if not, what are the details of time lost in each instance?

5.   What activities or interests has each member apart from his work as a member of the commission?

Mr Townley - The Minister for Civil Aviation has furnished the following information: -

1.   The remuneration fixed by the Governor in Council, viz., chairman ?2,500 per annum, vicechairman ?750 per annum, members ?500 per annum. The chairman received an additional entertainment allowance of up to ?200 per annum. Travelling allowances were ?5 5s. per day for all members.

2.   Chairman (Mr. W. D. McDonald, 1st July,1959. to 8th December. 1959)-


Sir GilesChippindall, vice chairman,1stJuly, 1959, to 7th December, 1959; chairman 8th December. 1959. to 30th June, 1960-


Mr. K.Vial, member 1st July, 1959, to 18th February, 1960; vice-chairman 19th February, 1960, to 30th June, 1960-


The remuneration of the other three members of the commission was ?489 8s.10d. each and their travelling expenses were ?68 5s., ?152 5s. (Perth member), and ?10 10s. respectively.

3.   Twelve formal meetings were held and the commission sat for periods which varied from half a day to a day.

4.   Four members missed one meeting each and one member missed two meetings due to leave of absence while abroad. The chairman is available at the office on most week days. The vicechairman also attends at head office at least twice a week for varying periods for conferences with the chairman or General Manager, in addition to attendances at formal meetings. The commission, as required, delegates to sub-committees, usually comprising the chairman, vice-chairman and one or two members, specific matters on which the commission requires special study or reports.

5.   Whilst the Minister for Civil Aviation has a broad knowledge of the activities of members of the commission he has not a precise knowledge of the complete range of their outside interests. He is fully aware however, of the standing of each member in the business community and the background of each member in brief, is as follows: -

Sir GilesChippindall, C.B.E. Sir Giles was Director-General of Posts and Telegraphs from 1949 to 1958. He is a member of the Overseas Telecommunications Commission and a director on the boards of a number of companies.

K.   H. Vial. - Mr. Vial is a practising chartered accountant and is a partner in the firm of Fuller, King and Company.

J.   E. V. Murdoch. - Mr. Murdoch is also a practising chartered accountant and is the senior and governing partner in a number of leading firms of chartered accountants in Western Australia.

G.   Packer, C.B.E. - Mr. Packer is a financial consultant and company director covering the textile, engineering, automotive and merchandising fields.

Air Vice-Marshal E. C. Wackett, C.B., C.B.E. - Prior to joining the Airlines Commission on 26th April, 1960, Air ViceMarshal Wackett served with the R.A.A.F. for 36 years. On retirement from the R.A.A.F. he was Air Member for Technical Services - the R.A.A.F.'s senior technical officer.

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