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Wednesday, 8 March 1961

Mr COPE (Watson) .- I wish to point out a few of the inconsistencies of honorable members on the Government benches. Before doing so, however, I should like to say that I think a most unfair comparison was made by the Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Calwell) between the honorable member for Moreton (Mr. Killen) and Charlie McCarthy. I think it was a grave reflection on Charlie McCarthy, whom I have seen on many occasions.

Let us consider the inconsistencies of honorable members opposite who continually indulge in red-baiting. They have complained over the last couple of years of the aggressive tactics of the red Chinese army. They have been very critical of the inroads made by that army into other countries. They have now agreed to the sale to red

China of 1,500,000 tons of wheat and 40,000 tons of flour, and I presume that some of that food would be used to keep the red Chinese army going. The very people opposite who criticize these murdering butchers are the ones who make it possible for them to keep doing the things complained of. In 1956, the honorable member for Moreton, the honorable member for Chisholm (Sir Wilfrid Kent Hughes) and the honorable member for Mackellar (Mr. Wentworth) talked about the murderous, bloodthirsty Russian butchers. But what did their Government do? It waited until after the last election and then restored diplomatic relations with these murderous, bloodthirsty butchers. And now the leaders of the Government go to their embassy and drink vodka with them. They are the best of friends. When people from the Russian embassy go to Melbourne, Mr. Bolte, the Liberal Premier of Victoria, makes a limousine available for them and a police escort while they drive through the city. The people who provide these amenities are the so-called Communist haters.

We heard the Minister for Primary Industry (Mr. Adermann) interject while the honorable member for Barton (Mr. Reynolds) was speaking. He said, " Wouldn't you sell this wheat to red China? " The Labour Party has always advocated the recognition of red China for trade purposes, but we believe in trading with that country through the front door, and not by the back door, as this Government does because it is afraid of losing a few Democratic Labour Party preferences. My friend the honorable member loT Mallee (Mr. Turnbull) asks why the Labour Party does not mention socialism at election time. Let me ask this question: Why does not the honorable member for Hume (Mr. Anderson), who represents a swinging electorate, get up at election time and advocate the recognition of red China and trade with that country? He does not do so because he is not game to do so.

To-night we see the honorable member for Mackellar obviously ready to participate in this debate. Wherever he goes the honorable member makes trouble. He went to the United States of America, and as soon as he arrived in that country Marilyn Monroe had a nervous breakdown. He went to London and what happened? Elizabeth

Taylor collapsed and is now gravely ill. Wherever he goes there is trouble, and there is no doubt that he will come into this debate with some more red-baiting tactics. But despite these smear tactics I can tell the House now that the Labour Party will win the next election because the people have had a belly-full of this Government.

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