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Wednesday, 23 November 1960

Mr TURNBULL (Mallee) .- Mr. Speaker,I have listened to this debate very carefully.

Mr Ward -You were outside.

Mr TURNBULL - I went outside in order to get a copy of " Hansard " from which I could quote so as to show what happened when Labour was in office. According to " Hansard " of 1st June, 1949 -just before Labour went out of office - the late Mr. Chifley moved -

That Government business shall take precedence over general business to-morrow.

Mr Ward - When was this?

Mr TURNBULL - On 1st June, 1949. The honorable member for East Sydney (Mr. Ward) was a Minister at the time.

Mr Ward -Didyou agree with the motion?

Mr SPEAKER - Order! I must ask the House to come to order. The honorable member for Mallee has the call. Members are all familiar with Standing Orders and they know that interjections are out of order.

Mr TURNBULL - Perhaps, in the hubbub, some members have not heard what I said. I have quoted from page 356, volume 202 of " Hansard " of 1st June, 1949. On that day, the then Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party, Mr. Chifley, moved -

That Government business shall take precedence over general business to-morrow.

Mr Ward - Read on.

Mr TURNBULL - There is no more in the motion. After there had been some objection to the motion in the way that Oppositions always object, and as we have seen the Opposition objecting to-day, Mr. Chifley said this -

There has been a show of heroics by members of the Opposition in connexion with this motion.

We have seen the very same thing to-day - a show of heroics. Clearly, the Labour Party in Opposition is quite different to the Labour Party in Government. The honorable member for East Sydney and the present Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Calwell) were in the Parliament at that time but they expressed no objection to the motion whatever.

Mr Calwell - What did I say?

Mr TURNBULL - You remained mute. You had not the courage to speak for or against the motion.

Mr Ward - What did I say?

Mr TURNBULL - The honorable member for East Sydney said nothing at all, but as " Hansard " shows when the vote was taken he voted with the " Ayes ".

Mr Ward - How did you vote?

Mr TURNBULL - I voted in the historic way in which Opposition members vote on this subject. I am not trying to gain a point against the Opposition. All I am pointing out is that, traditionally, govern ments have to move a motion such as this in order to get the business of the House through and that traditionally, it is the occupation - if I might so call it - of the Opposition to make what Mr. Chifley called an heroic show.

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