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Tuesday, 22 November 1960


Speaker,I desire to make a personal explanation. According to " Hansard " at page 3037, the honorable member for Eden-Monaro (Mr. Allan Fraser), on Thursday night, in making a personal explanation, said that T had stated that he had said -

Do not protect the Sovereign. and that I had added -

That shows the attitude of the Labour Party.

Mr. Speaker,I did not say that nor, if 1 might say so, anything remotely resembling that. What I said was that the honorable member had said, " Stop talking about the Sovereign so much". That, Mr. Speaker, was what I believed the honorable member had said and, indeed, two of my colleagues on the bench behind me had the same belief and so did some members of the back bench who have spoken to me. However, I have both seen " Hansard " and spoken to others, and it seems to me right that I should say that the honorable member for Eden-Monaro did not say, " Stop talking about the Sovereign so much ", but that he said something which was either " Stop sheltering behind the Sovereign " or " Stop hiding behind the Sovereign ". I have received these different accounts of what he did say. " Hansard " states that the honorable member said -

Stop sheltering behind the Sovereign.

Opposition Members. - That is correct.

Sir GARFIELD BARWICK - I am prepared to accept that. What was put to me the other evening was that I had deliberately falsified what the honorable member had said. I refused to accede to that proposition and I still would. I believed the honorable member to have said that which I repeated. I regret that I did not hear what the honorable member said and I regret accordingly that I did not repeat what the honorable member did say. I want to say quite distinctly that I would not withdraw on the basis that I had either lied or deliberately falsified what I heard.

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