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Friday, 27 November 1959

Mr MENZIES (Kooyong) (Prime Minister [11.48]. - Mr. Speaker, following out the proposals put forward just a few minutes ago by the Leader of the HouseMr. Harold Holt) I move-

That the House do now adjourn.

In doing so I should like to refer to the fact that the session is coming to a close and we are approaching Christmas and the end of the year. I think it would be agreeable to the sentiments of all honorable, members if the opportunity were taken to offer the warmest good wishes for Christmas and the New Year to all honorable members in this place.

Mr Cope - Are you not going to send me a card?

Mr MENZIES - Yes, I will send you a card - autographed. What could be better? I believe that you can sell one of them for two of another kind. Mr. Speaker^ I am sure that I express the feeling of all honorable members when I say that you have our warmest good wishes for the way in which you have guided the parliamentary procedure. The same remarks apply also to the Chairman of Committees (Mr. Bowden). As I am sure you know, Mr. Speaker, you are both personally very popular and well regarded in this place, and there is no lack of sincerity in the goodwill that goes out to you. The temporary chairmen of committees, who manifest themselves from time to time, also have earned our gratitude.

To the Leader of the Opposition (Dr. Evatt) and, through him, to members of the Opposition, we offer our warm personal good wishes. We cannot be hypocritical enough to offer our political good wishes, but I think that our personal good wisheshave been established.

It is proper to point out that this has been a hard session, a long session, a very strenuous session, and perhaps we do not always realize how much we owe in the management of the House, to the cooperative work of my colleague, the Treasurer (Mr. Harold Holt) and the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Calwell). There is always a smile and. a raising of the eyebrows, when we see them disappear behind the Speaker's chair to cook up some infamy, or whatever it may be called.

Mr Calwell - Or to hold a summit meeting.

Mr MENZIES - I" think it- is a littleprecipitate to call" it a summit meeting.

Nevertheless, the House is greatly indebted to our two colleagues for the work that they have done..

As ever, we. are greatly indebted to the officers of the. House who manage to keep us out of more trouble than might be imagined. To the "Hansard" staff who carry out their Christian and beneficial work so carefully, to the broadcasters in the broadcasting booth, and to all our correspondents, anonymous and otherwise, we are very grateful. The House is very well served and we have every reason to appreciate what is done for us. We all would like to offer our thanks and warmest good wishes, as we now approach Christmas, to all those who work in and around this- institution - the civil servants who have been constantly available to help all of us, and all officers who are concerned with the business of government.

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