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Thursday, 26 November 1959

Mr SPEAKER - Order! The honorable member is getting a little wide of the bill.

Mr UREN - I shall come back to the bill. Certain business premises will be made available at airports. In the past you would not have been able to get anybody to go to the Kingsford-Smith airport, but in these modern days of trading with drivein supermarkets and so on, the people will be drawn there. It may be that some big business undertaking will obtain a lease at the airport and construct a supermarket on Commonwealth property. I am not talking of hotels now but of ordinary retail stores. Will they be bound to abide by the State laws? I am a member of the shop assistants' union which is now engaged in a great struggle with certain elements in the community which want to extend trading hours. If big business undertakings are able to engage in trade at Kingsford-Smith airport, there will be a breaking-down of trade union principles by the extension of trading hours. Employers say that they will employ additional labour to cope with the extended hours, but they will not do so. All you can expect to see is perhaps an additional cashier. All the wrapping and arranging would be done beforehand and very little labour would be involved. I reiterate the warning that has been given by the honorable member for Chisholm and by the honorable member for Bonython (Mr. Makin). Conditions have been broken down in Queanbeyan-

Mr Buchanan - But the public must want extended hours.

Mr UREN - The public wants nothing.

Mr SPEAKER - Order! The honorable member for McMillan is out of his place and is out of order.

Mr UREN - It will be against the best interests of the people if the Government allows these big business undertakings to build supermarkets and to trade for extended hours at airports. I join with my colleagues in denouncing this bill. In his second-reading speech the Minister said that it is necessary to raise additional revenue because the Department of Civil Aviation is losing £7,000,000 a year.

The honorable member for Chisholm has pointed out that air travel - the rich man's means of transport - is being subsidized by this Government while State railways which are losing money receive no assistance. If it is necessary to raise additional revenue, why not increase fares and landing charges? After all, we are subsidizing Ansett-A.N.A. to an increasing extent. But the Government is doing nothing to assist any of the State railways, whether they are administered by Liberal or Labour governments. The Opposition has exposed the weaknesses in this bill and I have great pleasure in opposing it.

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