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Tuesday, 24 November 1959

Mr SNEDDEN (Bruce) .- There seems to be a remarkable conflict of opinion between the Deputy Leader of the Opposition (Mr. Calwell) and the honorable member for Melbourne Ports (Mr. Crean). On the one hand, the honorable member for Melbourne Ports complains bitterly that he has not had enough time to consider this most important piece of legislation. On the other hand, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition says there is nothing of great consequence in this piece of legislation and that the honorable member for Melbourne Ports quite properly surveyed the whole range of insurance because there was nothing else about which to speak. Their speeches were in open conflict, and it is obvious that the two honorable gentlemen have not resolved the matter between themselves.

There was another obvious point of conflict in their views. On the one hand the honorable member for Melbourne Ports has complained bitterly that the increased superannuation proposed by this bill is unfair in that it anchors a man to his employment and decreases his mobility; on the other hand, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition said that we ought to have an investigation by a joint committee of the Parliament, or by an ad hoc committee, on which- the trade unions should be represented, with, a view to increasing life insurance, superannuation and things of that nature. Again we had. open conflict..

The truth of the matter is that this bill is designed to- bring- about very necessary amendments to the act. The proposed amendments ought to be supported' wholeheartedly by the Opposition. We- should not have been required) to> sit here and listen to- an exposition of the- whole- range of insurance- investments and other matters which are not germane' to- this bill.. Of course, we- have- certainly come to expect conflicts, of opinion between members- on the- front bench of the Opposition-, but we do not expect to- have them portrayed to us so graphically during, the consideration of a bill of this nature-

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Bill' read- a second time, and reported from committee without amendment or debate; report adopted.

Bill - by leave - read a third time.

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