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Tuesday, 24 November 1959

Mr DAVIDSON (DAWSON, QUEENSLAND) (Postmaster-General) - The publication known as the " A.B.C. Weekly ", issued by the Australian Broadcasting Commission, has been discontinued. That arises from the fact that for a considerable period this publication was losing increasing sums of money each year. For a time it was published throughout the various eastern States, then it became necessary to confine its publication for a while to New South Wales and Queensland. Despite all attempts to build up its circulation and reduce losses, the losses continued, and therefore it was finally decided that the support for this publication was not sufficient to warrant its continuance. However, Mr. Speaker, as an alternative, after the development of television the Australian Broadcasting Commission issued a publication now known as the " T.V. Times ". This magazine, published so far only in Melbourne and Sydney, has been very successful in its initial stages. Its publication is therefore being extended to the other States in which national television has commenced. It is the intention of the Australian Broadcasting Commission - an intention at present being put into actual practice - to include in the " T.V. Times " as much information as possible regarding broadcasting programmes. At present it is not possible to include as much general information in the " T.V. Times " as was included in the " A.B.C. Weekly ". For instance, various articles of interest to those who bought the " A.B.C. Weekly" will not appear, as yet, in the "T.V. Times", but it is the intention of the commission to proceed steadily to the building up of a journal which will be of considerable value not only to television viewers but also to broadcast listeners. The ultimate objective, if it can be realized - and I believe it can - is to publish, in addition to the " T.V. Times ", a journal somewhat on the lines of the "British Listener". It will give wider information and, I have no doubt, will fulfil the requirements of the people of whom the honorable member for Bradfield has spoken.

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