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Thursday, 19 November 1959


Order! I warn the honorable member that any reference to that name or the subject with which it is connected is skating on thin ice.

Mr MINOGUE - I will just mention one thing and I will be finished with the name. "Dunrossil", which is a gaelic word, means " small island ".

What I want to bring before the House to-night is the question of the unity of Ireland. About five weeks ago the honorable member for the Northern Territory (Mr. Nelson) visited the north of Ireland and at Belfast he found that 25,000 workers there had been sacked from ship-building yards. Early next year Dame Pattie Menzies will be proceeding to this place to launch the third largest ship in the world. The completion of that ship means the laying-off of 25,000 men. That is the reason why those young people who have arrived in this country are anxious to contact somebody who will help them both here and at home.

We have in this country a representative from the south of Ireland, a man named Butler, and people in Australia who come from the north of Ireland can also approach this representative. Time after time I have raised in this House the question of Australia's diplomatic representation in Ireland. The Minister for External Affairs (Mr. Casey) has never given me a straight-out reason for the Government's failure to appoint a full representative to Ireland. Canada has sent a full representative to Ireland. This Government promised Archbishop Duhig of Brisbane to send a full representative to Ireland, but the only thing that came from that promise was that that reverend gentleman was knighted the other day. But that does not fulfil the promise that the Menzies Government made on that occasion, and for the life of me I cannot see why the Government will not send a diplomatic representative to Ireland.

The Minister for External Affairs is abroad now, and the Prime Minister (Mr. Menzies is about to go abroad. These two gentlemen dabble in all countries. They dabbled in the Suez affair and things like that. The Prime Minister visited de Gaulle and Adenauer, and intends to visit Soekarno. Surely a question like that which I have raised, which is on our very doorstep, should have some consideration. The people that I represent on this occasion tell me that in Fermanagh there are 30,000 nationalists on the roll and 24,000--

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