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Wednesday, 11 November 1959

Mr Costa a asked the Postmaster-General upon notice -

What was thelabour turnover in the (a) postal, (b) telephone and (c) telegraph sections of his department during each of the years 1957-58 and 1958-59?

Mr Davidson - The answer to the honorable member's question is as follows -

The labour turnover for the years 1957-58 and 1958-59 was as follows: -

(a)   Postal (i) Post Offices Branch- 2,809 and 2,532; (ii) Mail Exchange Branch - 1,187 and 1,240. (b) Telephone Service Branch- 3,067 and 3,166; (c) Telegraph Service Branch - 370 and 377.

These figures correspond to -

(a)   (i) 18.1 per cent. and 16.1 per cent.; (ii) 19.7 per cent. and 20.0 per cent.; (b) 27.3 per cent. and 28.5 per cent.; (c) 13.3 per cent. and 14.1 per cent. of the average staff employed in the respective branches during the years concerned. They comprise the staff who left the department during the respective years and include those who died, resigned or were retired through age or because of illness, but do not include staff engaged specifically for short periods to meet seasonal requirements or to provide recreation and sick leave relief. The higher turnover in the Telephone Service Branch is due to the number of telephonists who resigned to get married.

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