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Wednesday, 11 November 1959

Mr ADERMANN (Fisher) (Minister for Primary Industry) . - I move -

1.   That, in this Resolution, unless the contrary intention appears -

(a)   " canned fruit " mean canned apricots, canned peaches or canned pears and include canned mixed fruit that includes apricots, peaches or pears;

(b)   "charge" mean charge imposed by the


(c)   " fruit " mean apricots, peaches or pears;

(d)   " the Act " mean the Act passed to give effect to this Resolution;

(e)   " the Minister " mean the Minister of

State administering the Act.

2.   That a charge be imposed on fruit -

(a)   delivered, on or after the fifteenth day of

November, One thousand nine hundred and fifty-nine, to a cannery; and

(b)   accepted at the cannery as of canning quality or taken into the cannery for use in the production of canned fruit.

3.   That, where a person who engages in the production of canned fruit takes into his cannery fruit that he has grown, that fruit be deemed, for the purposes of the Act, to have been delivered by him to the cannery.

4.   That the rate of the charge be Ten shillings per ton of fruit or such lesser rate as is prescribed from time to time by regulations under the Act.

5.   That the amount of charge in respect of any fruit be payable by the person by whom, or on whose behalf, the fruit was delivered to the cannery.

6.   - (1.) That the Governor-General be empowered to make regulations, not inconsistent with the Act, prescribing a rate for the purposes of the provision of the Act that gives effect to paragraph 4 of this Resolution. (2.) That, before making regulations, the GovernorGeneral be required to take into consideration any recommendation with respect to the rate of the charge made to the Minister by the Australian

Canned Fruit Sales Promotion Committee proposed to be constituted by the Canned Fruit (Sales Promotion) Bill 1959.

Question resolved in the affirmative.

Resolution reported.

Standing Orders suspended; resolution adopted.

Ordered -

That Mr. Adermann and Mr. Roberton do prepare and bring in a bill to carry out the foregoing resolution.

Bill presented by Mr. Adermann, and read a first time.

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