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Tuesday, 10 November 1959

(17)   (a) In a Communist Party of Australia document which deals with activity among migrants, and which is dated February,1959, the following passage occurs: -

Special attention to involving of migrants, through unions and migrant organizations, in 1959 Peace Congress and International Cultural Festival.

(b)   In a Communist Party document reporting a speech delivered to a Communist Party meeting held in April, 1959, it is said:

The mass preparation for the AustraliaNew Zealand Peace Congress waits on the decisions of the convening committee, but should begin before the next meeting of our State Committee.

(c)   In a document dated 24th June, 1959, circulated to all Communist Party organizations and State Committee members appeared the following sentences: -

The Party's pioneering role in opposition to nuclear weapons - since August, 1945 - and absolute consistency in the peace struggle, should be publicised at all times.

The Party's policy points to the main source of the war threat - U.S. Imperialism - and shows that socialism is the only final way to a peaceful world. But it also includes specific policy on immediate issues. It gives sharp expression to the independent views of the working class.

The outstanding event that will ensure the uniting of all peace forces is the Congress for International Co-operation and Disarmament and the Arts Festival for Peace, to take place in Melbourne, November 7-14.

The Communist Party supports the forthcoming Congress-Festival. It is already endorsed by the A.C.T.U., all Labour Councils, and by leading A.L.P. figures such as Chamberlain (National President) as well as by leading scientists, churchmen and others.

The aims of the Congress-Festival should be thoroughly discussed, firstly in the Party branches, and by comrades in mass organizations, then out in the widest possible way.

We can assist by supplying lists of local job organizations and influential individuals (including addresses) who should be sent the congress material. Such lists should include the local party branch and the name and address of the secretary or other responsible comrade. This information should be sent to the Peace Organization.

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