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Monday, 20 May 1957

Mr Swartz z asked the Minister representing the Minister for National Development, upon notice -

1.   Are plans being considered for the construction of an atomic power house in Australia?

2.   How many Australian scientists are in the United Kingdom for the purpose of studying atomic developments for industrial uses?

3.   Are any Australian scientists in the United States for a similar purpose?

Mr Beale - The Minister for National Development has furnished the following replies: -

1.   Atomic power stations are under consideration by several Australian industrial companies, mostly in relation to mining, and some of the public electricity generating authorities are understood to be investigating the feasibility and economics of atomic power. However no firm proposals for any definite atomic power projects have so far been announced in this country.

2.   Thirty-one scientific officers of the Atomic Energy Commission are at present working with the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority for the purpose of studying atomic developments for industrial uses. A considerable number of other Australian scientists and engineers is employed in various branches of the British Atomic Energy Authority's establishments and in private industrial firms in the United Kingdom, all of whom are obtaining experience in this field. The exact number is not known, and it is not of course certain that they all will return to Australia, though the Australian Atomic Energy Commission has found this group of Australians to be a fertile source for recruitment, and it seems probable that a proportion of these freelance workers will return to this country when opportunities which would make use of their experience become available.

3.   Scientists and engineers of the Atomic Energy Commission pay visits of varying length from time to time to the United States and Canada to study atomic energy developments there. There are some Australians working on their own in the United States and Canada in this field but the numbers are not known with certainty.

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