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Thursday, 16 May 1957

Mr CASEY - Yes, a good deal of propaganda material has been coming into Australia in the last four, five or six months. The material that has come to my notice has emanated from the Soviet Legation in Wellington, New Zealand, and is sent through the post addressed to individuals, either in their official or private capacity. I have forgotten the name given to the material. It is issued each week and is a roneoed thing of about twenty pages of what purports to be reproductions from the Soviet press - " Izvestia ", " Pravda " and other Moscow newspapers. It is very dull and dreary. I cannot believe that it has very much propaganda value. It is very persistent. For instance, the secretary of the Department of External Affairs has no less than three or four copies addressed to him at a variety of places - just to make quite sure he receives it. I believe it is also sent to the secretaries of a number of other Commonwealth departments, such as the Department of Defence, and I believe it goes to the chairman of the Public Service Board and quite a number of other people. I do not take it very seriously. It is received by a considerable number of addressees, and we are in the course of trying to discover the number of copies sent to Australia. The material has not very much sex appeal from a political point of view, and I cannot believe that it is worth while taking very much notice of it. However, it is evidently a planned campaign, and we are trying to discover the extent and scope of it. When that is discovered, if any action needs to be taken it will be taken.

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