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Tuesday, 14 May 1957

Mr Ward d asked the Minister for Supply, upon notice -

1.   In what State capital cities does the Commonwealth maintain motor transport pools?

2.   How many motor cars and drivers are employed in each of these pools?

3.   What classes of persons are entitled to order cars for their use from the pools?

4.   What was the total cost to the Commonwealth of the maintenance and operation of these pools in each of the last five years?

5.   What was total mileage run by pool cars in each of these years?

6.   What was, in each State, the (a) total mileage run by and (b) cost of private motor transport hired when no cars were available from one of the Commonwealth pools?

7.   Are full and complete records kept regarding the ordering and use of cars from the pools; if so, are these records available for perusal by honorable members?

Mr Beale - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart.

2.   Sydney, 59; Melbourne, 78; Brisbane, 17; Adelaide, 15; Perth, 6; Hobart, 4.

3.   Cars are supplied to Ministers; the Speaker; the President of the Senate; the Chairman of Committees; Leader and Deputy Leader of the Opposition; Leader of the Opposition in the Senate; Leader of the Australian Labour party (AntiCommunist); Deputy Leader of the Australian Labour party (Anti-Communist); ex-Ministers of more than three years' standing travelling to and from airports and home during sittings of Parliament; private members between the hours of 8p.m. and 8 a.m. from their homes to airports and when travelling to and from Parliament, in accordance with conditions approved by the Prime Minister and conveyed to this department by the Secretary, Department of the Interior. Cars are also supplied on the demand of the permanent heads of the various Commonwealth departments or officers authorized by the permanent heads to order vehicles.

4.   1952-53, £320,432; 1953-54, £311,065; 1954-55. £304,460; 1955-56, £336,809; 1956-57 to 10th

February, 1957, £225,521.

5.   1952-53, 2,954,089 miles; 1953-54, 3,209,246 miles; 1954-55, 3,158,099 miles; 1955-56, 3,404,544 miles; 1956-57 to 10th February, 1957, 2,096,856 miles. 6. (a) Mileage. - Accounts received for these services include charges for flag fall, mileage and detention time and these elements vary from State to State. The accounts are checked prior to payment but no record is maintained of the total mileage run. (b.)-


7.   The answer to the first part is " Yes " and to the second part " No ".

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