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Thursday, 11 April 1957

Mr J R FRASER ser asked the PostmasterGeneral, upon notice -

1.   Can he say when facilities for the transmission of television programmes will be provided at Canberra?

2.   Can television programmes be transmitted over long distances and at a low cost by the use of microwave links?

3.   Could the micro-wave link already existing between Sydney and Goulburn be extended to Canberra?

4.   Could a television transmitter be established at Canberra at a reasonable cost using the microwave link?

Mr Davidson - The answers to the honorable member's questions are as follows: -

1.   The whole question of the extension of television services in the Commonwealth is under continuous review; but, at this stage, it is not possible for me to say when television facilities will be available in Canberra.

2.   Television programmes can be relayed over long distances by micro-wave links but the cost, which would vary considerably depending upon many factors, could not be said to be low.

3.   The existing Sydney-Goulburn micro-wave link is not capable of providing for the relaying of television programes

4.   The costs of establishing a television station at Canberra would, therefore, be no different from any other comparable centre.

Sydney Mail Branch.

Mr Clarey y asked the PostmasterGeneral -

1.   What was the number of persons employed in the Mail Branch, General Post Office, Sydney, on the 30th June, 1939?

2.   How many cubic feet of air were then avail able to each employee?

3.   What was the average weekly amount of mail handled?

4.   What is the number of employees now working in the branch?

5.   How many cubic feet of air are now available to each employee?

6.   What is the average weekly amount of mail matter now handled?

7.   What other buildings in Sydney are used by the mail branch?

8.   Where are such buildings situated?

9.   What is the number of Mail Branch employees in each building?

10.   How many cubic feet of air are available to each employee in each building?

Mr Davidson - The answers to the honorable member's ' questions are as follows: -

1.   919 day staff; 94 night staff.

2.   1,420 cubic feet for each person on day star)

3.   7,617,340 articles.

4.   1,465 day staff; 161 night staff.

5.   1,501 cubic feet for each person on da> staff.

6.   13,943,084 articles.

7.   8, 9, 10.-

(a)   Chief Parcels Office and Custodians Section, Railway-square; 284 employees; 2,455 cubic feet each.

(b)   Training School (used also as Christmas annexe), Yurong-street, East Sydney; 143 employees 3,379 cubic fee,*, each.

(c)   Interstate and overseas annexe, Hiles-street Alexandria (not yet occupied). Proposed, 159 employees; 2,565 cubic feet each.

The following staff and areas have been excluded: -

(a)   Clerical and non-traffic staffs and the areas occupied by them.

(b)   General Post Office basement platforms and small staff employed there as there persons draw air largely from vehicular area.

(c)   Locker and amenity rooms where these are separated from working areas by ceiling-height partitions.

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